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Why choose JCDB Services


Our company takes pride in providing the BEST quality of work. Little details matter to you and it matters to us. 


We are transparent with our work and all channels of communication will be provided in order to build the trust you need.


We understand the difficulty of having your home in construction. Our company makes sure to work as efficient as possible to reduce the amount of time your home is under construction.

                                           JAVIER CANTERO  



With an Architecture experience background, I followed my dreams to help people build their dream homes. A design starts with a pen not a hammer. I have the creativity and the ears to listen to your idea and make it realistic. 

Our Process


We will start by discussing the vision and ideas you have for the project, the budget and take measurements of the home. We will be on the look-out for any foreseeable issues, like electrical, plumbing, structural, zoning. 


Here we will produce drawings and 3D renders showing you the design and how everything is going to look. Here the plans will be developed, permits will be filed, and we move on to the next step.


Once the design process is complete, and the construction contract is signed, we will pull permits and begin to work! We make sure everything goes smooth and as planned by having all channels of communication open. 

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